2015 Overall 5K Race Results

 We had another great Race this year despite the rain and the mud.  

Thank you so much for coming out and supporting Natalie.  

We raised $3,000 for Natalie again this year.

Below are the race results, but can also find a complete list on David Mapes website:

http://www.davidmapesfinishline.com/ or click on the word file below.

2015_kick_a.s.s._5k.doc 2015_kick_a.s.s._5k.doc
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Top 3 Male Overall 

1.  Scott Malishko  21:38

2.  Brian Bell         23.48

3.  Vinnie Mulchy   25:40

Top 3 Female Overall

 1.  Molly Sambor    28:07

2.  Tiffany Sakmar  28:41

3.  Emily Sopata     28:58

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